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Attorney Ilya Liviz originally planned to become an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon. He graduated with Honors and on the Dean’s List from California State University of East Bay. He was admitted early admission to a highly competitive program at Harvard School of Dental Medicine. During the first two years he took courses at Harvard Medical School. During this time he participated in Hospital Rotations for his Patient/Doctor courses. Although it was a great experience, working with blood did not fit him. He changed careers and decided to become a teacher. After receiving his Masters in Education from Cambridge College, Ilya Liviz taught at several Colleges and at a University (see www.liviz.com).

Finally, Ilya Liviz found his niche after he graduated from Massachusetts School of Law. He now enjoys combining his background in Medicine and Teaching with his knowledge of Law. Having a Medical background allows him to quickly sift through Medical Records and quickly grasp and articulate different types of injuries.


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